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05 Dec 2022


T-rex became the subject I took up. Two identical parts of a motorcycle that I found in a junkyard dictated the idea to create a tyrannosaurus. I have wanted to make a dinosaur sculpture for a long time. And I managed to embody everyone’s favorite T-rex. It took me about two months to create the sculpture. I didn’t use welding, so I had to think carefully about how to connect the body parts. I took the longest time making the tail and head. One of the motorcycle parts I used to create the tyrannosaurus head was chipped. But I used it as an advantage to give the dinosaur more aggression. But still, he’s more likable than scary.

I liked the creative process itself, because I didn’t try to finish it as quickly as possible. I just enjoyed the work process and the result. I think I will create some more sculptures on the subject in the future, if I find the right details. I love this version of the T-rex, I hope you do too.

Parts used:

 Head – Scooter engine covers, spoons, bicycle brake handles

 Body – Motorcycle engine covers

 Legs – Old Swedish army flasks 1940, gears, bicycle cranks

 Nails – Parts of agricultural implements The tail – A section of agricultural field implements

Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 33 cm

Weight: 11kg

Price: 2800Eur

Year: 2022

t-rex sculpture

t-rex dinosaur

metal sculpture

dinosaur sculpture

t-rex handmade

t-rex from metal

dinosaur sculpture

steampunk t-rex

14 Oct 2021

Bluetooth phone

Inspired by how the first try came out, I made another music phone out of different musical instrument parts. I personally think it’s even better.

Two in one. That’s how I would summaries the result. In this case, the difference in time periods was only for the best. It combined everything into a common goal: music.

40 x 40 x 32 cm / 3.30 kg
Year: 2021
Price: Sold

bluetooth phone

vintage phone

music phone

steampunk phone


17 Aug 2021

Insect mantis

Insect Mantis. A fantastic insect. I created it using MOSKVICH tail lights and fragments of bicycles, car radio antennas and other parts that I found. The shape of the Praying Mantis’s body and its aggressive appearance are very effective and a favorite subject for many artists. This insect captivated me as well. My favorite’s are the beetles and insects sculpted by Edouard Martinet. I admire his creativity and his amazing technique. Insect mantis a good choice.

The main details:

 Body – tail light of MOSKVICH 408, metal furniture leg, aluminum tin

 Head– MOSKVICH 412 car rear turn, radio antennas, bicycle emblem, serving container

 Legs – car antennas, 5mm rod, bicycle star elements, vacuum cleaner “Rocket” mechanisms

Dimensions: 90 x 37 x 55 cm

Weight: 2.60kg

Price: Sold

Year: 2020


insect mantis sculpture

steampunk art from metal

 insect mantis from metal

  sculpture from found objects

insect mantis sculpture from scrap

03 Feb 2021

Bluetooth music centre

Bluetooth Music Centre


I would like to present an object for music lovers and steampunk fans. This is an original solution that unites two time periods and shows the unexpected transformation of an object (in this case, a Russian retro corded phone) into a snazzy steampunk-style phone/station for listening to music with Bluetooth headphones.

Like many of us, I like and take an interest in music. It relaxes you, evokes positive emotions, and improves your mood, which really is important in this day and age.  When I was younger, I used to DJ at dances and play in a music group. Music has always accompanied me – it’s the link that connects generations and allows you to feel what you never even dreamt of experiencing. It just lives inside us, waiting for its chance. I’m not indifferent to it, and this is reflected in my work. This piece came into being as follows:

A few years ago, I noticed a phone from the 1950s at a flea market. Its shape caught my eye, so I bought it with the intention of making something out of it in the future. I didn’t have a specific vision at the time. The phone collected dust on a shelf for quite a while. I would occasionally pick it up, look it over, and then put it back down. The idea came to my spontaneously when I picked up the receiver. That space became empty and I wanted to fill it. I put my mobile phone there and ended up with a solution that surprised me. All that was left was to give the old phone a steampunk touch – in other words, add some parts that would give it some style, and of course, that would work with a modern smart device. I had to accommodate the existing chrome-plated parts and adapt a few others.

The old phone had too many colors, so I decided to refine the materiality more by limiting myself to black and the lustra of the chrome details. In this way, I gave the object a new aesthetic appearance and functionality, forgetting, of course, its previous purpose of making and answering calls, but attention-grabbing all the same. After all, music is the most important thing now. Let’s enjoy it.

Parts used:

retro phone, detail from saxophone, part of the trumpet, detail from sewing machine “singer”, luminaire housing details.

Dimensions: 40x32x32 cm

Weight: 3000g

Year: 2020









retro phone

 bluetooth music centre

 steampunk music phone

bluetooth music

steampunk phone


21 Dec 2020


Robot.  If not the right detail found in a pile of scrap metal, I hardly would have started creating this robot sculpture. It was a round object with two round holes that looked like eyes. This was the starting point from which construction began. I had to think a lot how to join parts made of different metals. I used welding and some screws as well as rivets. Using acrylic paint, I gave the robot the color of rusty metal to show that it had laid underground for a long time and now it’s time to break free.
When I showed the robot to my son-in-law who is a professional programmer and loves electronics, he suggested making it move as he can make it real. We both started enthusiastically creating a plan for what it should look like. Firstly, when you turn on the switch in the eye pit, the red light should turn on and blink for a few seconds, then the other eyeball will rotate, turn your head to the left, then to the right and return to the starting position.  The robot then directs the eye’s gaze to the weapon held in the hand and activates its action. According to a pre-written program, a combination of LED lights comes on. He is ready to throw a disc and destroy the enemy.

Dimensions: 64×64 cm

Weight:  6kg

Year: 2019



robot metal

steampunk robot

sculpture robot

robot from trash

robots gun

trash art

metal sculpture

18 Dec 2020


Chimpanzee.  Before creating something, I often make a sketch, but not on paper – in my mind. I sift through all the parts I have in my head and put them together – incorporating them or rejecting them – until I reach a tangible image. I often use parts from cars, motorcycles and bicycles in my work. They help to get the desired shape. This chimpanzee sculpture is no exception. I created it using GAZ truck lamp housings and parts from a JAWA motorcycle and a MAN cab. The result is excellent. I managed to convey the animal’s playful yet also careless appearance thanks to the amazing parts and colors. I left them original. I can already see a smile on your face. That’s always what I’m after.

Parts used:

. Body – JAWA motorcycle fuel tank, engine cover

. Arms – JAWA shock absorbers, Audi and Volkswagen brake calipers

. Legs – truck headlight housings, motorcycle spark plugs

. Head– two identical parts from a MAN cab, ZHIGULI turn signal lights

Dimensions: 50x52x40 cm

Weight: 12kg

Price: Sold

Year: 2019


steampunk chimpanzee

 chimpanzee from metal

chimpanzee sculpture

chimpanzee steampunk sculpture

trash art sculpture


18 Dec 2020


Penguin. The theme of the piece was dictated by the amazing shape of a vacuum cleaner. It’s an old Russian CHAIKA vacuum cleaner, produced back in 1970. It was the shape of the housing that determined implementation of the vision. The selection of parts helped make the work look aesthetic and original, while also inspiring a smile. I believe that unexpected decisions always evoke great emotions. I always think about that when I’m working. The strangest and most original decision was to use a stainless steel device used in genecology. It’s the penguin’s beak. So the steel bird is ready for another routine dive.


Parts used:

Body – of the Russian vacuum cleaner CHAIKA , shower hoses

Head– motorcycle lamp housing

Beak – an item used in genecology

Legs – teeth of outdoor implements, coffee pots, aluminum scoops.

Wings – aluminum 2mm sheet metal.

Dimensions: 70x30cm

Weight: 6kg

Year: 2019



steampunk penguin

metal penguin

sculpture penguin

gift penguin

penguin from metal


18 Dec 2020


I noticed this bird because of its astonishingly loud, clear and brash voice, like a trumpet. That’s the only thing that came emulate it perfectly. That’s why I decided to use woodwind instruments to make the winch sculpture. I had purchased an old-fashioned English car horn at a flea market. This was the starting point that everything evolved from. A part from a saxophone was perfect for replicating the winch graceful neck. Pay attention to the crane’s beak. This is a thing used in genecology – I had used one of these for another sculpture as well. Once all of the parts were united into a whole, a nice crane/trumpeter came out.

Parts used:

. Body – ROTAX CLARION vintage bulb horn, woodwind instrument mouthpiece

. Neck – saxophone part

. Head – part from a lighting fixture

. Beak – genecology instrument

. Legs – car antennas, door keys


Dimensions: 70x20x29 cm

Weight: 2kg

Year: 2020



steampunk winch

sculpture winch

metal winch

scrap metal

legs from the door keys

18 Dec 2020


Spiders may cause some people to shudder, but not me. They are nice little arachnids that don’t cause disgust or fear. I had the idea of making a big spider – something you wouldn’t find in the outdoors. I found parts that worked among the household items I already had. I’m happy with the result. The metal spider looks menacing, but also cute somehow. I think it looks best hanging, as if it was waiting for a victim.

Parts used:

Teapot, table lamp shade, metal parts from a lighting fixture, mechanisms from a RAKETA vacuum cleaner, etc.

Dimensions: 30x62x60 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Year: 2019



steampunk spider

metal spider

sculpture spider

trash art spider

18 Dec 2020


Frog. The animal world is so diverse and unique that I just can’t help but take something from it as my subject. This time it was the frog that caught my attention. A fuel tank from a motorized bicycle became the main part of the frog’s body. The other parts also did their job in making the frog look like a frog metal. I’m happy with the result.

Parts used:

 Body – motorized bicycle fuel tank

 Hind legs – bicycle gear change mechanisms, bicycle brake levers

 Front legs – road bicycle handlebars, bicycle brake levers, clothes hangers

 Head – trumpet part, bicycle mudguard, lamp parts

Dimensions: 28x32x30 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Year: 2020



steampunk frog metal

metal frog

metal frog ,, Rico"

sculpture frog

frog from trash





18 Dec 2020


Pismire.  This is a gigantic ant compared to its natural size. In the pile of scrap metal that I’ve accumulated, I found several aluminum dishes that I put together in descending order and got something that looked a lot like the body of an pismire. That is what determined its overall size. The insect came out graceful, though I mounted a torch on its head to make it easier to navigate those mazes of anthill tunnels.

Parts used:

. Body – truck lamp housing, lamp shades

. Tail truck lamp housing, ceiling lamp shades

. Head car lamp housing, aluminum spoons, curtain rod finial

. Legs aluminum tubes, 5 mm steel wire

Dimensions: 28x75x53 cm

Weight: 2600g

Price: 600 Eur.

Year: 2019


steampunk ant

Pismire metal


steampunk pismire from trash

pismire metal sculpture

pismire sculpturemetal sculpture


17 Dec 2020

King of the night

Night king. I want to present a sculpture called “King of the Night”. It may seem to me, like many, that he has already been seen somewhere. Not surprisingly, it can be compared somewhat to the evil of the HBO series Wars of the Thrones. When I was creating the sculpture, I kept thinking about it. Of course, I created from what I had, so it’s not identical, but similarities can be discovered. I constructed the sculpture and looked for details for about 7 months. It weighs 13kg. and is made of metal only. The main parts range from various motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. I also used old household utensils. The parts are connected with screws and rivets. I didn’t use painting this time because I wanted the work to look original and understandable to everyone. I like it, I hope you like it too.

Parts used:

. Body – motorcycle engine guards, scooter engine cylinder, motorcycle rim parts, bicycle brake parts, aluminum dishes

. Head – motorcycle and bicycle wheel guards made of aluminum, clock movements, ladle, trumpet valves, etc.

Dimensions: 75 x 55 cm

Weight: 13kg

Year: 2020



steampunk night king

king of the night sculpture

steampunk king

night king metal sculpture

night king trash art

steampunk art