Insect mantis

Insect Mantis. A fantastic insect. I created it using MOSKVICH tail lights and fragments of bicycles, car radio antennas and other parts that I found. The shape of the Praying Mantis’s body and its aggressive appearance are very effective and a favorite subject for many artists. This insect captivated me as well. My favorite’s are the beetles and insects sculpted by Edouard Martinet. I admire his creativity and his amazing technique. Insect mantis a good choice.

The main details:

 Body – tail light of MOSKVICH 408, metal furniture leg, aluminum tin

 Head– MOSKVICH 412 car rear turn, radio antennas, bicycle emblem, serving container

 Legs – car antennas, 5mm rod, bicycle star elements, vacuum cleaner “Rocket” mechanisms

Dimensions: 90 x 37 x 55 cm

Weight: 2.60kg

Price: Sold

Year: 2020


insect mantis sculpture

steampunk art from metal

 insect mantis from metal

  sculpture from found objects

insect mantis sculpture from scrap

Sculpture Sold