T-rex became the subject I took up. Two identical parts of a motorcycle that I found in a junkyard dictated the idea to create a tyrannosaurus. I have wanted to make a dinosaur sculpture for a long time. And I managed to embody everyone’s favorite T-rex. It took me about two months to create the sculpture. I didn’t use welding, so I had to think carefully about how to connect the body parts. I took the longest time making the tail and head. One of the motorcycle parts I used to create the tyrannosaurus head was chipped. But I used it as an advantage to give the dinosaur more aggression. But still, he’s more likable than scary.

I liked the creative process itself, because I didn’t try to finish it as quickly as possible. I just enjoyed the work process and the result. I think I will create some more sculptures on the subject in the future, if I find the right details. I love this version of the T-rex, I hope you do too.

Parts used:

 Head – Scooter engine covers, spoons, bicycle brake handles

 Body – Motorcycle engine covers

 Legs – Old Swedish army flasks 1940, gears, bicycle cranks

 Nails – Parts of agricultural implements The tail – A section of agricultural field implements

Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 33 cm

Weight: 11kg

Price: 2800Eur

Year: 2022

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t-rex dinosaur

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Sculpture Unsold