Pismire.  This is a gigantic ant compared to its natural size. In the pile of scrap metal that I’ve accumulated, I found several aluminum dishes that I put together in descending order and got something that looked a lot like the body of an pismire. That is what determined its overall size. The insect came out graceful, though I mounted a torch on its head to make it easier to navigate those mazes of anthill tunnels.

Parts used:

. Body – truck lamp housing, lamp shades

. Tail truck lamp housing, ceiling lamp shades

. Head car lamp housing, aluminum spoons, curtain rod finial

. Legs aluminum tubes, 5 mm steel wire

Dimensions: 28x75x53 cm

Weight: 2600g

Price: 600 Eur.

Year: 2019


steampunk ant

Pismire metal


steampunk pismire from trash

pismire metal sculpture

pismire sculpturemetal sculpture


Sculpture Unsold