Penguin. The theme of the piece was dictated by the amazing shape of a vacuum cleaner. It’s an old Russian CHAIKA vacuum cleaner, produced back in 1970. It was the shape of the housing that determined implementation of the vision. The selection of parts helped make the work look aesthetic and original, while also inspiring a smile. I believe that unexpected decisions always evoke great emotions. I always think about that when I’m working. The strangest and most original decision was to use a stainless steel device used in genecology. It’s the penguin’s beak. So the steel bird is ready for another routine dive.


Parts used:

Body – of the Russian vacuum cleaner CHAIKA , shower hoses

Head– motorcycle lamp housing

Beak – an item used in genecology

Legs – teeth of outdoor implements, coffee pots, aluminum scoops.

Wings – aluminum 2mm sheet metal.

Dimensions: 70x30cm

Weight: 6kg

Year: 2019



steampunk penguin

metal penguin

sculpture penguin

gift penguin

penguin from metal


Sculpture Sold