Bluetooth music centre

Bluetooth Music Centre


I would like to present an object for music lovers and steampunk fans. This is an original solution that unites two time periods and shows the unexpected transformation of an object (in this case, a Russian retro corded phone) into a snazzy steampunk-style phone/station for listening to music with Bluetooth headphones.

Like many of us, I like and take an interest in music. It relaxes you, evokes positive emotions, and improves your mood, which really is important in this day and age.  When I was younger, I used to DJ at dances and play in a music group. Music has always accompanied me – it’s the link that connects generations and allows you to feel what you never even dreamt of experiencing. It just lives inside us, waiting for its chance. I’m not indifferent to it, and this is reflected in my work. This piece came into being as follows:

A few years ago, I noticed a phone from the 1950s at a flea market. Its shape caught my eye, so I bought it with the intention of making something out of it in the future. I didn’t have a specific vision at the time. The phone collected dust on a shelf for quite a while. I would occasionally pick it up, look it over, and then put it back down. The idea came to my spontaneously when I picked up the receiver. That space became empty and I wanted to fill it. I put my mobile phone there and ended up with a solution that surprised me. All that was left was to give the old phone a steampunk touch – in other words, add some parts that would give it some style, and of course, that would work with a modern smart device. I had to accommodate the existing chrome-plated parts and adapt a few others.

The old phone had too many colors, so I decided to refine the materiality more by limiting myself to black and the lustra of the chrome details. In this way, I gave the object a new aesthetic appearance and functionality, forgetting, of course, its previous purpose of making and answering calls, but attention-grabbing all the same. After all, music is the most important thing now. Let’s enjoy it.

Parts used:

retro phone, detail from saxophone, part of the trumpet, detail from sewing machine “singer”, luminaire housing details.

Dimensions: 40x32x32 cm

Weight: 3000g

Year: 2020









retro phone

 bluetooth music centre

 steampunk music phone

bluetooth music

steampunk phone


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