White whale

White whale. A stunning and original take on the marriage between humans and sea life. This piece is the culmination of hours of the creative process, endeavoring to create something that will stop and make us think.

Combining the natural world with a classic steampunk style, the White Whale is like nothing seen before in sculptures. Featuring the smokestacks of a streamliner, protruding from the unmissable body of a whale, we’re invited to consider the impact of human actions on the majesty of the underwater ecosystem.

With a characteristic rustic style, this whale takes on an experienced quality. As if it’s been used and worn – grown old throughout life. Such a quality asks us to think of the wisdom picked up along the way, stored by all the creatures around us. This contrasts the modern world, which is often obsessed with cleanliness and looking new – the White Whale allows us to appreciate what the world teaches us through experience.

Like nothing seen before in sculpture, this novel piece has been crafted from items you may recognize from all walks of life. From bolts to filters and industrial metals, the unloved materials of life have been repurposed, taking their place as a beautiful sculpture that provokes thought and invites introspection. While the rest of the world damages the whale’s habitat, this sculpture pays homage to a beautiful animal, through the tools and materials of humans.

It’s important for art to teach us something about ourselves or the world around us, and this piece shows us the hidden relationships between humanity and the wildlife that surrounds us.

Whether you’re a steampunk enthusiast, a wildlife lover, or simply someone who appreciates unorthodox and impactful art, the White Whale is a sculpture for everyone. For decoration and for admiration, this sculpture has achieved its aims.

Materials: Motorcycle fuel tank, motorcycle engine cover, aluminum plate, car engine parts, and other.


Dimensions: 48 x 46 x 50 cm

Weight: 8kg

Year: 2020



steampunk white whale

whale from metal

sculpture white whale

sculpture from metal

sculpture from found objects