Winch. I noticed this bird because of its astonishingly loud, clear and brash voice, like a trumpet. That’s the only thing that came emulate it perfectly. That’s why I decided to use woodwind instruments to make the winch sculpture. I had purchased an old-fashioned English car horn at a flea market. This was the starting point that everything evolved from. A part from a saxophone was perfect for replicating the winch graceful neck. Pay attention to the crane’s beak. This is a thing used in genecology – I had used one of these for another sculpture as well. Once all of the parts were united into a whole, a nice crane/trumpeter came out.


 Body – ROTAX CLARION vintage bulb horn, woodwind instrument mouthpiece

 Neck – saxophone part

Head -part from a lighting fixture

 Beak – genecology instrument

 Legs – car antennas, door keys


Dimensions: 70x20x29 cm

Weight: 2kg

Year: 2020



steampunk winch

sculpture winch

 winch from metal

metal art

sculpture from trash