Diver . The idea was suggested by the customer.  At her request, this was ought to be a picture in a frame. I had the parts necessary for the artwork, so the work did not take long. The main body part is made of a motorcycle engine cover. I installed a compass and a tap there. These details gave additional charm and mood. I used a stainless-steel teapot for the sea diver’s helmet. The body of an old perforator served as legs. The diver became one of the favorite works.


The diver’s body – a motorcycle engine cover.

The head – a stainless steel teapot.

Hands – aluminum electrical socket body.

Legs – electric punch body.

Dimensions: 73 x 73 cm

Weight: 8.3kg

Year: 2018



steampunk diver

Diver assemblage

diver assemblage from metal

steampunk octopus