A royal penguin

Royal penguin. That was a long time ago that I started thinking about creating a penguin. For me personally they are so funny but graceful and elegant at the same time. A royal one attracted my eye. It appeared the most suitable to actualize the ides for me. The idea was born while flipping through an old motorcycle lamp corpus in my hands. That was the main part of its body, everything else was born impromptu. I didn’t try to accurately copy the body proportions, I wanted to make it funny as if it was a twill or a character of an animated movie. My imagination came true… The royal penguin respectably stands on the iceberg, looks into a very distance as if it exactly knows where to drill a hole in the ice.


A head– is the part of a water mixer, aluminum spoons

A body – the corps of the lamps of a motorcycle and a lorry

Legs – marine lighting lamp camps, shelf brackets

A tail – the spoons made of aluminum

An iceberg – casting of a transparent resin composition

An ice drilling machine – a ceramic tile drill hand tool

Dimensions: 25 x 24 x 34 cm

Year: 2016


 penguin from metal

royal penguin sculpture

Steampunk royal penguin

steampunk penguin sculpture

 sculpture from found objects

penguin sculpture

recycle art

art from scrap metal