Radio roadster


Cabriolet. I have found the corps of an old Russian radio receiver in an old parent’s attic. The idea what to do with it came up not at once, therefore, for some time it was thrown to the corner. Probably everything has its time… One day I took it to the daylight, turned up and then I came up with the idea to make a car – old, threadbare, rusty vintage metal  cabriolet . As far as the corps is made of a real radio I wanted to match everything to such a topic. I came up with the idea that a sitting driver listening to a radio station M-1 would perfectly fit, moreover, that is one of my favorite radio stations, therefore, I got down to carry out the idea.

The main details:

  • The corps is a Russian radio receiver of 1952, aluminum tray, a tank part dedicated to investigate, a wooden handle of an umbrella, ventilation grill of a tractor and car bends;
  • Wheels are taken out of a childish carriage;
  • A driver has been made by gluing a simulation;
  • A seat of a driver has been made of a female slipper sole.

Dimensions: 30x45x35 cm

Year: 2016

Price: Sold

steampunk cabriolet

metal cabriolet sculpture

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recycle art

radio cabriolet

Sculpture Sold