Piggy Bank

Piggy bank . The most usual pot which was used by our grandparents push the idea to create this work. It was lying unnecessary and forgotten… Well, I thought, I will give you other shape. You will become a pig because you resembled it to me by your shape. I only wanted to make it functional as well, i.e. a metal piggy where coins can be thrown and you can acquire very cute things for the collected sum. Coins are thrown through the hole which is on over the top of the head and taken out through the snout loosening two screws. This piggy bank will help you make the right decision.


 Head– has been made of a cast-iron pot, a childish trowel made of aluminum, a coffee brew dish, aluminum scoop

Ears – brand gadgets made of aluminum dedicated to remain the shoe shape as it is until the next season

The eyes – aluminum spoons

A rack – dish taken from a libra and the part of the car

Dimensions: 30 x 25 cm

Year: 2015



steampunk piggy

steampunk piggy bank

piggy bank sculpture

scrap art