King of the night

Night king. I want to present a sculpture called “King of the Night”. It may seem to me, like many, that he has already been seen somewhere. Not surprisingly, it can be compared somewhat to the evil of the HBO series Wars of the Thrones. When I was creating the sculpture, I kept thinking about it. Of course, I created from what I had, so it’s not identical, but similarities can be discovered. I constructed the sculpture and looked for details for about 7 months. It weighs 13kg. and is made of metal only. The main parts range from various motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. I also used old household utensils. The parts are connected with screws and rivets. I didn’t use painting this time because I wanted the work to look original and understandable to everyone. I like it, I hope you like it too.


 Body – motorcycle engine guards, scooter engine cylinder, motorcycle rim parts, bicycle brake parts, aluminum dishes

 Head – motorcycle and bicycle wheel guards made of aluminum, clock movements, ladle, trumpet valves, etc.

Dimensions: 75 x 55 cm

Weight: 13kg

Year: 2020



steampunk night king

a king sculpture

steampunk king

night king metal sculpture

 art from metal

steampunk art