Knight . This is a not typical theme for my works. The idea was suggested by a glass holder from soviet times, that I purchased in a shop of antiques. The shape of the holder reminded me of a knight’s armor, because the holder was decorated with typical decorations and specific ornaments. I just had to find some waste, that would serve as the arms, legs, head and weapon. The weapon, made of earrings, is especially interesting. A peculiar coincidence – there already was an inscription “Not war make love” engraved on them. This really suited the chosen topic. I decided to choose unpainted parts for my sculpture. For me it was important, because I wanted to emphasize the shiny image of a knight. His helmet I decorated with feathers, which were made of springs from old watches.


 Armor – a glass holder.

 Head – a metal goblet.

Feathers – springs from old watches.

 Legs – candlesticks.

 Weapon – an earing.

Oval sole – a picture frame


Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 13 cm

Weight: 1kg

Year: 2018


knight metal sculpture

steampunk knight

 knight from scrap metal

scrap art