Big walrus

Walrus. The emergence of this sculpture was initiated by the old scissors which was received from the aunt to chop the fins. Their curved shape fated this scissors to become hawthorn. Later everything self-assured. Again everything turned into the feeling as if I‘m creating the animation movie character. That‘s the way it goes by itself, as I‘m trying to represent each animal with unusual attributes and shapes. Then they become interesting, even funny, but it‘s exactly my wish and my purpose – to cause curiosity in people and reward a smile. I think that a good dose of humor haven‘t hurt anyone until now.

Some time ago I had created a walrus, but it was much smaller. It completely surpassed my expectations. That‘s a real diving champion.


  • Body is an aluminum pot, the corps of vacuum cleaner, aluminum plate, three tablespoons, a motor boat engine screw, aluminum wire;
  • Morse Fins – aluminum boat bows.

Dimensions: 70 x 77 x 40 cm

Year: 2017



Walrus from metal

Steampunk walrus sculpture

walrus from found objects

 Walrus from various metal

art from metal

Metal art