UFO. The idea was inspired by an old plate which reminds a flying object in its shape. I always wanted to create a machine that reminds an alien spaceship which is most usually painted by the ones that ever saw them. I am not sure if UFO is a reality or a fruit of imagination. I am trying to look at it with humour and depict it as one of the characters of cartoons. Airplane is good thing, when you want to visit the planet.

Parts used:

  • Corps is made of the aluminium plate, the part of turbine and a luminaire hood;
  • Legs are made of curved tubes of the lamp, sewer thimble and springs;
  • A propeller is made of three tea spoons and furniture handle;
  • An opening mechanism is a garlic crushing tool.

Dimensions: 32×22 cm

Year: 2015


steampunk UFO

UFO sculpture

metal UFO

airplane sculpture

recycle art

Sculpture Sold