A radio receiver “Bobbin“

Radio receiver. I have acquired an old but well-working radio receiver in a flea market. I liked its color and shape, therefore, I have decided to make a radio receiver in a “steampunk“ style. For me personally it seemed that it lacks legs, therefore, I applied them taking them out of the Russian kettle. I exfoliated the nickel layer before until I saw brass – the latter color fit more here.

I replaced a radio receiver cardboard spine into a brass sheet which I mounted a ventilation equipment made of the corps of the clock and a strainer to. I put another speaker out additionally, that speaker was mounted into a brass cruet which was dedicated to soak the flowers.

The old sound and wave moderators have been changed into the new ones. Furniture handles perfectly fit for this. I have mounted a mincer handle into the left side of the machine and it gave the corps additional charm. As far as a steampunk receiver did not have a title I have provided it and engraved it in a plate. That is the title of an old “Bobbin“ sewing machine.

Dimensions: 50×20 cm.

Year: 2014

Price: Sold

Steampunk radio receiver

radio receiver

 radio receiver sculpture

trash art

Sculpture Sold