I saw two Harley Davidson chrome fenders at a scrapyard. The rear fender was really wide and immediately reminded me of a catfish’s open mouth. I was already creating a catfish sculpture in my head. My vision didn’t fail me – it came out graceful and, of course, big… It’s a catfish as old as I am, so it’s no surprise that its vision is a little weak, especially in the right eye…

Parts used:

. Body – parts of a washing machine drum and a Harley Davidson rear fender

. Tail – bicycle lamp housing, part of an antique washing board

. Fins – old golf iron heads

. Head – part of a Harley Davidson rear fender, chrome fruit bowl, ladle, hubcap, furniture handle

Dimensions: 45x50x100 cm

Weight: 6kg

Price: 2500Eur



steampunk catfish from metal

steampunk fish

fish from trash

fish sculpture

steampunk catfish sculpture

golf Club

Sculpture Unsold