Cachalot. This piece of art was created quite accidentally. I was assembling the sculpture at my studio and while looking for a proper part, I saw an old sewing machine corps cover dropped a long time ago. I’ve found another one identical cover, mixed up with each other in my minds and I have already imagined the result of the future work. The idea of combining the submarine and the sea resident sperm whale was in my mind because they looked somehow similar to me. I had to use my imagination to make this attractive bathyscaphe and cachalot hybrid.

Parts used:

  • Corps of sperm whale – submarine corps – two sewing machine corps covers.
  • The head – aluminum cup.
  • The tail – vacuum cleaner nozzle and part of the bicycle seat.
  • The periscope – shower hose brass nozzle and spotlight body with magnifying glass.

This work is finished using aerosol and acrylic paint.

Dimensions:  60 x 11 x 45 cm

Weight: 2500g

Year: 2017



Steampunk cachalot

Cachalot metal

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