Toad (family)


I create sculptures and assemblages from metal. I make stuff from found objects. My toad is made of ,,JAWA ”motorcycle fuel tank, shock absorbers, front legs made of ,,Harley Davidson” motorcycle brakes and clutch handles, the hind legs are the aluminum oars of the boat. Glass bubbles are medical cups placed on the back when you have pneumonia. Eyes are also made of them. Some parts are welded, others are riveted and bolted together. The body is painted with aerosol paint followed by acrylic. Finally covered with glossy varnish. The toad looks like it has come out of the water. She is heavy and weighs 16kg.


Body: motorcycle ,, JAWA ,, fuel tank, shock absorbers

Front legs: ,,Harley Davidson” motorcycle brakes and clutch handles

Hind legs: Aluminum oars of the boat

Glass bubbles: Medical cups

Dimensions:  37 x 76 x 56 cm

Weight: 16kg

Year: 2021

Price: 2800

steampunk toad

toad from metal

toad from scrap metal

scrap metal art