Bottle holder


Bottle holder. I made a fish tail and head quite much earlier, however, the idea about wine rack was born much earlier. I was thinking about spine and skeleton and I resisted this idea soon because some more interesting idea was born. Some time ago I bought a broken lamp with a brass corps and I had a curved trumpet part. And here the idea came to join all those elements and to create a fish which would hold a wine rack in its fins. I think that wine and fish is a good combination. Bottle holder is a good choice.

The main details:

  • A head and a tail– is a bronze casting
  • A spine– is a curved trumpet tube, a bronze corps made of a cannon model, a table lamp brass parts
  • Skeleton – an aluminum 6 mm wire
  • Fins – made on my own out of a copper tin
  • A wine rack – a part of a clock corps, a bronze clothing hanger

Dimensions: 54×30 cm

Year: 2015

Price: 600 Eur.

bottle holder from metal

steampunk bottle holder

steampunk bronze

bronze sculpture


54×30 cm




3 kg