Space pilot


Space pilot. The main detail of this work which is my newest work is a motorcycle engine cover. Its shape stimulated me to create an astronaut which flies in a vacuum. I have used Swarovski crystals to create a starry sky. They seem to burn in a black background of the sky. The planet that I invented fills in the space of the picture and an space pilot is moving exactly the direction of this planet.

Parts used:

  • A body is a motorcycle engine cover;
  • Legs – aluminium airflow peaks, the part of an old flashlight housing;
  • A glass hood – a ship signal lamp;
  • A sky – a black velvet with Swarovski crystals.

Dimensions: 68×68 cm

Year: 2017



metal assemblage

recycle art

space pilot assemblage


steampunk space pilot assemblage

Assemblage Sold