Reptile that I created earlier stimulated me to create one more, however, a different reptile. I like this living being because of its weirdly unusual body shape. I admire them a lot, therefore, I want to find it with other facets.

I was successful to find curved details of an illuminator in a scrap purchase and they reminded me motifs of a plant or tree branches. That was a perfect reason to land a reptile on them. Each of those details had a clear end, therefore, immortalized to fill them with blossoms. Spoons perfectly replaced them for me – I put in threes and that was enough. I have painted everything in the color green with an exception of blossoms, only chameleon sometimes switches to the color yellow. That closes together with nature and, I think it is a perfect combination.

After having mounted everything on a shield it seemed that there is something that lacks, that there is a need for action and movement. I was always doubting – insect or larva. The latter has won. That is the simplest aluminium detail, I do not even know out of what. Of course, I couldn’t leave it without a color because a chameleon will not even notice it. I think that a good larva has been created. Now a reptile is in a stealth movement focused on a victim. I aged a picture background and frames by a wall decoration technique that I have learned. And here one of my metal chameleon comes.

Dimensions: 62×60 cm

Year: 2016



reptile metal

Assemblage Sold