Icarus. A note holder has become a starting point of this work. When I was buying it in an antiquary market I already knew that I can put a man‘s face into this oval item. I had the parts that I acquired earlier and that is why I completed my goal. A metal plate of a clock mechanism has replaced  the metal Icarus body. I have mounted a compass in its middle so that a flyer would not get lost. Wings have been made of the part of a firearm leather tray that can be hung under an armpit. Legs and arms have been made of the parts of the spoons. I have glued a face of simulation. The work has been mounted on a laminated wood base and painted in blue in order to remind the boundless distances of the blue sky.

Dimensions: 35x40cm

Year: 2013



steampunk icarus

icarus metal

Assemblage Sold