A chameleon


A chameleon. A strainer made of aluminum was exactly the inspired which gave me the idea to create this work. Other parts only helped to join and fulfill the job until the very end. A bright part that distinguishes a chameleon out of other lizards is a sprout to the head. Its shape matched the cup of a sour cream, a tail has been coiled out of 5 mm aluminum wire and the legs have been made of wrenches and the body has been embedded with aluminum rivets and cranks on the back have been made of copper contacts.

A chameleon is grasped to a brass part of the trumpet. I fitted a telescope to strengthen a character and this telescope has been replaced with a brass thimble.  Everything has been mounted on a plywood sheet. It, by the way, has been decorated with the wall decoration principle using appropriate plaster.

Dimensions: 59x59cm.

Year: 2014


A chameleon assemblage

assemblage picture

metal chameleon

Assemblage Sold