A butterfly

Butterfly. When I was turning over an old leather knife sheath in my hands I came up with the idea to use it as the part for some insect and I was not mistaken. As soon as I joined everything I got a perfect butterfly. I had to make something myself, for example, wings. I have made them of a brass tin, curved eyes of a stainless steel grid, framing them into rims curved out of a brass tin. That is a metal butterfly from future. I have hammered number combinations in the background of the picture. It is like a coded text dedicated to think about.

The main details:

  • The body of a butterfly is made of an old leather knife sheath, the parts of clock mechanism and trumpet tubes;
  • A head is a copper cup to immerse flowers;
  • Wings is my fulfillment out of a brass tin;
  • Mustache has been made of a copper wire.

Dimensions: 45x80cm.

Year: 2012

Price: Sold

steampunk butterfly

metal butterfly

butterfly assemblage

Assemblage Sold