Bug. I do not even try to compete with nature, as that is impossible. Its created flora and fauna is inimitable. I see it in my own way through the imagination prism that I have created. I did not need a lot of parts for this metal insect. The body has been made of the spoon; the head has been made of two tea spoons with mustache fit to the clock. Two forks replace the legs of this insect. This living being is half-robotized, its body is decorated with the parts of the clock mechanism. I got a very interesting and odd bug. It is like a new species.

The main details:
  • The body of this insect has been made of a spoon of a German silver and the part of the clock mechanism;
  • The head has been made of two teaspoons;
  • Mustache has been made of the alarm-clock legs;
  • The legs have been made of two forks.

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm.

Year: 2012



steampunk bug

metal bug

Assemblage Sold