Sea lion

Sea lion. I have encountered the part of a very good conical shape which helped to arrive the idea and to try to create a metal walrus. I wanted to make it as if it was sticking out of the ice hole which is leaning by its fins to an ice bar, therefore, I have showed only half of it. I‘d say that it is nice, moreover, I was successful to get a compass which I mounted into the top of a hump. A walrus would have to know where to swim. And then one more crazy idea was born in my mind to dress it with a waterproof and a weatherproof “Nord Face“ winter clothing. Thus this mark has appeared on the side of the body of the sea lion.


The body of the walrus is an aluminum corpus of an illuminator;

A head is an alarm corps part

Fangs – an aluminum 6 mm wire

Fins is my work made of 10 mm aluminum sheet

An ice floe – a 20 mm plate of white marble

Dimensions: 10 x 28 cm

Year: 2015



Steampunk sea lion

sea lion sculpture

 sea lion from metal

sea lion sculpture from scrap metal