Personally, a dragonfly reminds me of a helicopter. I created this sculpture guided by that thought. I have mentioned before that I like unexpected solutions. It was the same this time. I even made a helicopter landing pad. I think this solution will surprise you and give you a dose of good humor.


The body– Scooter lamp housing, stainless steel ladles

The tail– Details of the table legs

Eyes– Scooter lamp glass rings, grid, ladles

Legs– Metal rod 5 mm in diameter, brass tube

Propeller– stainless steel knives

Stand– metal disc, shelf brackets

Dimensions: 70x80x37cm

Weight: 7kg

Year: 2023

Price: 2000Eur


helicopter sculpture

steampunk helicopter

dragonfly sculpture

helicopter from metal

helicopter from trash

dragonfly sculpture

trash art