Fish. The part of a car turbine gave the idea. As far as this part had an oval whole, it had to be filled with something. I came up with the idea to make it transparent and possible to open. I used the corps of a large clock with glass possible to open for this. Gears, tubes and other parts can be seen through this. It lets one discover a robotized inside of the fish. In addition, a tail is a very interesting part. An unexpected idea to use a leather gun compartment which I acquired in a flea market came to my mind. I think that I’ve made an original turbo fish.


The body: has been made of the corps of the car turbine

Organs: have been made of the parts of a clock, trumpet and other brass parts

A tail: has been made of the combination of an aluminum flask and a leather case

An eye: has been made of a tennis ball

A fin: has been made of a fork made of a German silver

Emission pipes have been made of gas burners

Mouth:  has been made of the part of the spoon

The elements of the background have been made of the fragments of a female belt

Dimensions: 41×61 cm

Year: 2013



Steampunk fish

Fish from scrap metal

assemblage art