Turbo ostrich


As soon as I noticed an ostrich I understood that it can be a good object to fulfil my ideas. That’s a bird symbolizing speed, power and gracefulness. The main detail which the creative process began with was the bend part of the saxophone. Her graceful bending matched with the neck of an ostrich.

The main details:

  • A body is corps of the lamp of the motorcycle, I only put a turbine instead of glass. Then it became a turbo ostrich.
  • It took me the most time to make wings. A lot of aluminium teaspoons have been used for that, welding has not been used, everything has been fortified with the help of rivets and screws.
  • The head is covered with safety helmet that is made of aluminium wire.
  • Legs have been made with the help of the parts of pedals of bicycles and “metal teeth” made of the field implements.

However, no matter what fast it is, its end is clear enough. The ostrich is standing on the frying pan, truly, upside-down…

Dimensions: 52x27x70 cm

Weight: 6400 g

Year: 2017


Sculpture Sold