Jellyfish metal. And there again a theme related to the sea depth. I just cannot resist sea inhabitants. This time it is a jellyfish familiar to us due to its strange shape. I accidentally found a cake baking form. It was ideal for creating this sculpture. Of course, a car engine gas emission pipe node served as well. It perfectly fitted under the cap of the jellyfish. For the image strengthening, I installed some other devices. One of them shows time, the other – the pressure in the robotic body of the jellyfish. The main device showing the wind strength, rain and even a storm is located in the centre of the cap. The sculpture may be rotated to the desired direction.

Parts used:

  • Cake baking form.
  • Car gas emission collector.
  • Watch “Waltham”.
  • Atmosphere pressure gauge.

Dimensions: 88 x 36 cm

Weight: 8000 g

Price: 700Eur

Year: 2018


Jellyfish metal sculpture

Steampunk sculpture

Metal art

Metal sculpture

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