A mole


Once upon a time a mole lived and he has his own mole hole (a house). It was his portable property which could stand anywhere and no land tax had to be paid for this because it was a mole, spectacled and armed, with exclusive length nails which helped him to dig the longest tunnel with very little effort. Of course, he didn‘t know anything about the secret exit. A caterpillar was running out through it as soon as he started feeling danger. It always happened but as soon as it gets to know about it, that will end or maybe they‘ll become friends… That‘s the story that was born in a head while I was turning over the corps of vacuum cleaner in my hands.

The main details:

  • A mole hole is the corps of an old vacuum cleaner;
  • A body is a corps of a truck lamp, the part of illuminator and an aluminium plate;
  • Mustache is a steel wire;
  • Hands are an aluminium 8 mm wire, 12 mm aluminium tubes and 2 plates;
  • Glasses are the part of old theatre binoculars;
  • A spotlight is a luminaire hood and a car antenna tip.

A MOLE HOLE. This portable property belongs to a mole until the end of his life. Without the right to sell, exchange or rent for other wild animals. Confirmed by A.T. 2017.

Dimensions: 34x35x40 cm

Year: 2017


Sculpture Sold