Steam machine

The main part of this steam machine is the fragment of a trumpet (a boss). That is all that has been left of the instrument. This part that has been saved was the part that stimulated to create a steam machine, as curved tubes and valves perfectly fit for this. Other parts only filled the central part and let create a machine the way it looks now. I pay a lot of attention to a background and frames in my works. I think it supplements the work and gives it the image of authenticity, as, for example, the holes left by wood warm, patina and fittings.  Thus this work gains the shade of an old and weird model in the background crumbled of time.


A brass trumpet (boss) fragment

A Swedish XX age brass container

The big wheel (made of a “Singer“ sewing machine)

The small wheel (made of the brass cannon model)

A copper cup to soak flowers.

Dimensions: 50 x 71 cm.

Year: 2016

Price: Sold


steam machine

steam machine from scrap metal

 steam machine from metal

 assemblage from scrap metal