White whale

White whale. The shape of the item gives me the idea of creating or finding inspiration. The final image comes to fruition when the right one is in your hands. After hours of fine-tuning, the result is born. I didn’t make the kind of whale we’re used to seeing – I wanted something unexpected and unusual that would make people stop and think. Steampunk style allows you to do that. It is open to fantasy and surprises. The livelier the imagination, the more interesting the final result. When you look at the sculpture, you have mixed feelings. It’s like a whale and a ship in one. That’s what I wanted to achieve.


Dimensions: 48x46x50 cm

Weight: 8000 g

Price: 1300Eur

Year: 2020


steampunk white whale

whale metal

sculpture white whale

sculpture from trash

whale from metal


Sculpture Unsold