Flower brass

Flower brass. I created this sculpture using antiques made of metal. Some of them are very old, used as far back as the mid-20th century. My work is dominated by a wide variety of subjects. They are dictated by the shapes of the already used household items, which transform into the characters created in my imagination. This flower seems to be from the past and symbolises beauty as eternity.

Parts used:

. Flower stempart of a bronze candlestick, brass part from a shower hose

. Leaves used copper vessel for flowers

. Budbrass door handle

. Blossomceramic chandelier part, part from a clock

. Pot – bronze apothecary mortar

Dimensions: 56x22x22 cm

Weight:  2000 g


Year: 2019


 flower brass

flower bud

flower from brass

flowers in a vase


Sculpture Unsold