Monkey.  Before creating something, I often make a sketch, but not on paper – in my mind. I sift through all the parts I have in my head and put them together – incorporating them or rejecting them – until I reach a tangible image. I often use parts from cars, motorcycles and bicycles in my work. They help to get the desired shape.

This monkey sculpture is no exception. I created it using GAZ truck lamp housings and parts from a JAWA motorcycle and a MAN cab. The result is excellent. I managed to convey the animal’s playful yet also careless appearance thanks to the amazing parts and colors. I left them original. I can already see a smile on your face. That’s always what I’m after.

Parts used:

. BodyJAWA motorcycle fuel tank, engine cover

. ArmsJAWA shock absorbers, Audi and Volkswagen brake calipers

. Legs – truck headlight housings, motorcycle spark plugs

. Head– two identical parts from a MAN cab, Zhiguli car turn signal lights

Dimensions: 50x52x40 cm

Weight: 12kg


Year: 2019

steampunk  monkey
steampunk monkey
monkey metal sculpture
chimpanzee metal sculpture
trash art sculpture